I've been tagged!

Thank you Deborah and Hazel and Tash for passing this tag to me.  I'm not too sure where to begin but am also passing this on to some other hardened bloggers as I always find other people much more interesting! But here goes -

1 - I was almost knocked down by the Queen in Dundee (seriously) a police man collared me in time...

 2 - I learned to scuba dive a couple of years ago in my local Burntisland swimming pool - haven't graduated to the sea yet so this isn't a pic of me LOL!

3 - I once sang in an opera at the King's Theatre, Glasgow - it was called 'L'elixir d'Amour' (OK it was the chorus and I was playing the part of one of the Italian peasants)

4 - I once won a white colour television when I entered a competition to design a cake incorporating a Cadbury's flake - I called it the Cadbury's Fake Flake Cake - 2 swiss rolls stuck together, coated in jam or cream, rolled on to flake crumbles, wrapped in yellow icing to create the wrapper, one end open so you could see the crumbled flake and at the other end the icing was twisted like the wrapper - finally food dye was used to draw up the graphics.  Eh viola!!!

5 - One of the things I've always wanted to do since I used to sneak up to watch this on TV as it was on too late and I was too young to be up was 'The Prisoner' or Portmeirion to be precise. I loved that strange and quirky village but I'm getting the chance to see it in a week as my Belfast man and I are traveling down to Wales and this is definitely on my 'must do' list. I hope I'm not disappointed!

6 - Had my colours analysed recently and have discovered I'm a Spring!! I'm really pleased with that as so are Nicole Kidman, Jody Foster, Meg Ryan and now me! LOL!!!

7 - I did my family roots and I think I'm a mix of Scots, Irish and Finnish ......  So I'm off now to tagged my fellow bloggers and get them thinking too.


  1. Thanks Miss Spring! Intrigued about your near-miss with the Queen !!! and the scuba diving. You must post some pics when you start in the sea.
    Enjoy your holidays :)

  2. Lots of things I didn't know cool.
    Have a great holiday Jay xxxx