tunnock's teacake and all things Scottish

I'm working on a Scottish theme at the moment for a cat character I'm having a bit of fun with - but what does everyone think of if they think of Scotland??


  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    haggis, whisky, oatcakes, cranachan, cullen skink, kilts, bagpipes, irn-bru, hieland coos, ceilidh, loch ness, shetland ponies, saltire, edinburgh castle, tablet

  2. what the hell is that!!! Everyone knows those biscuits as Snowballs.. and they are GROSS! lol

    I really like scotland. I used to go to edinburgh every weekend :) the best part is the edinburgh fringe festival in august.. Full of colour and harlequin themes!!

    Any souveneirs i ever got from scotland revolved around sheep...

    I cant wait to see this evolving!

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions - I'm taking them all on board! HHM - Scotland is wonderful and even more so when it's not freezing like it is now LOL! Where is the sun!?