anika smulovitz

The rings are portable specimens on display in contained scientific specimen jars. The specimens are carefully collected from the artist's garden and thoroughly research, their scientific name identified and written on the bottom of each ring.


  1. Thank you for highlighting my work on your blog. I'm glad you enjoy the rings. Please come visit my website to see more work:

    BTW: my name is Anika (not Anila)

  2. my apologies Anika - I must have hit the key next to the k in my rush! it was lovely to hear from the designer, so thank you for commenting!

  3. these are amazing. l am so glad l found your site. I love your work. I am an art counsellor( acounsellor who uses art as well as talking therapies), an artist and photographerx)
    my blogs are, if you are interested!

  4. Hi Lynda - lovely to hear from you again - I've already blog rolled your lovely - trying to create art - as I really enjoy popping over! And thank you so much for the compliment! You've made my day! Have a look at